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  • Phone314-637-0660
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What is a Reserve Specialist?

A Reserve Specialist (RS) is the highest level of recognition awarded by the Community Associations Institute (CAI) to members of the reserve specialist profession.

By hiring a Reserve Specialist, you can be confident that your reserve provider understands their obligation to your community and is dedicated to the profession.


A Reserve Specialist (RS) has a wealth of experience in analysis and financial planning for community associations.  They have successfully met all designated requirements, including:

  1. Preparing a minimum of 30 Reserve Studies within the past three years.
  2. Holding a bachelor’s degree in construction management, architecture, or engineering (or equivalent experience and education)


A Reserve Specialist (RS) can help ensure that your community association prepares its reserve budget as accurately as possible.  By conducting a reserve study, a Reserve Specialist (RS) will help your association maintain its long-term financial health by providing:

  1. An inventory of items subject to replacement
  2. An estimate of the useful remaining life of those items
  3. Estimate cost of replacement
  4. A funding plan designed to cover future expenditures

A Reserve Specialist (RS) is required to perform reserve studies based on CAI’s National Reserve Study Standards.  These strict standards provide a detailed list of functions that must be included in each type of study being performed.


A Reserve Specialist (RS) commits to upholding the highest ethical standards.  They must abide by the rules of conduct outlined by CAI’s Professional Reserve Specialist Code of Ethics.