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  • Phone314-637-0660
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How can an RS help my community?

Kristopher M. Kern of Asset Guardians has earned Community Associations Institute’s Reserve Specialist (RS™) credential.  It is the only credential for community association reserve study providers.  In addition, our teams’ backgrounds in engineering, financing, construction management, HOA management, subdivision development, and assessment planning are valuable tools used in our reserve study evaluations.

By hiring an RS, you can be confident that your reserve provider understands their obligation to your community and is dedicated to the profession.


An RS can help ensure that your community association prepares its reserve budget as accurately as possible.  By conducting a reserve study, an RS will help your association maintain its long-term financial health by providing:

  1. An inventory of items subject to replacement
  2. An estimate of the useful remaining life of those items
  3. An estimated cost of replacement
  4. A funding plan designed to cover future expenditures

An RS is required to perform reserve studies based on CAI’s National Reserve Study Standards.  These strict standards provide a detailed list of functions that must be included in each type of study being performed.


Abiding by the strict rules of conduct outlined by CAI’s Professional Reserve Specialist Code of Ethics, an RS commits to upholding the highest ethical standards possible.